Writing and Other Art Adventures Without The Fuckery. 


The Escapery is your Writing and Other Arts Unschool. We use themed classes, field trips, day-long intensives, craft intensives, five/ten week adventures, writing coaching, and more to create spaces for artists to play and learn and find community and create and share. Playful, community-oriented, queer, re-centering women/NB, queer/trans artists, and artists of color. No famous white men, no tear-down workshops, zero-tolerance for micro or macro aggressions. We are always all/no levels, always genre-queer, anti-competition and pro-tearing down the walls. SF/Oakland originated, extending our kraken tentacles all over the map and in your virtual spaces.  

Welcome to Your Pirate Art Unschool. Where've you been? We missed you!



Learn about our upcoming adventures in Oakland, San Francisco, Your Living Room, and Beyond. Learn about our field trips, excursions, and solo expeditions (editing, coaching), and get ready to set sail. 

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Take a gander at writing experiments, upcoming readings, and online resources to help you find writing and arts opportunities. And don't miss out on our blog, Rants & Raves!

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