Call Cross Return


With Haldane King

Come join us to learn about Joseph Campbell's Monomyth, a.k.a. the Hero's Journey, in this 5-week workshop!

By taking this workshop you'll learn how to structure a story in a way our brains have evolved to understand. Not only will you leave with an understanding of how to recognize and utilize the Hero's Journey in your own work, but also how to break down the useful parts of other works to understand just how it's done for any piece of fiction out there.

We'll be discussing how to show your characters (or you!) Crossing the Threshold, Surviving the Ordeal, and Returning with the Boon. Also how to use Allies, Antagonists, and Pacing to make your stories pop and engage the reader. These skills will be useful for just about any type of writer- fiction, nonfiction, poet, playwright, anyone can use these lessons to make a more dynamic and understandable story.

Expect to leave with not only an outline of the Hero's Journey but also some new beats and writing. 
Then... if you feel like it... we'll be setting up a public reading of what you create at a location in downtown Oakland!

In past workshops, we’ve concentrated on the trails and travails of:
-Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight and Toppler of the Galactic Empire
-(Book version of) Dorothy, Returner to Kansas, Champion of Oz, and Indefatigable Foe of the Wicked Witch of the West
-Frodo Baggins, Foiler of the Dark Lord Sauron and Savior of Middle Earth

To register, email Hal at, or fill out our contact form!

Banner image by: FrostZERO - FrostZero, CC BY-SA 3.0