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Nancy Au

writing Coach

The coaching services that I provide are tailored to a writer’s unique writing project. I provide writers with thoughtful, generative, and helpful feedback. I provide writing prompts and questions to encourage writers to explore the material and learn more about their characters. I view manuscripts through a supportive lens. I am interested in working with writers of all levels, and with writing projects at all stages (i.e. a raw first draft, a polished fourth draft, a nearly-ready-to-submit manuscript, etc.). I am interested primarily in writing projects such as novels, novelettes, and longer short stories.

As a writing coach and content editor, the services I provide are different than those of a copy editor or proof reader. My strengths center around developmental craft; I study the recurring themes and motifs, pacing, story structure, dramatic tension, and character development within a writer’s work. I look for ways to elevate these craft and story elements in their manuscript. I ask questions that will help a writer to engage with their writing in new ways.

what to expect

After I read a manuscript (typically within 1-3 days), I will sit with the work and let it marinate in my mind for 3-4 days. By the end of the 30 days, I will provide a typed, detailed, 2-4 page write-up of my feedback which includes all of my revision notes about what is working and not working, my specific questions, and recommendations for ways to strengthen the manuscript. I will return the ‘edited’ manuscript with my notes, questions, and observations written in the margins. After the writer has had time to review the feedback, we will schedule a 60-minute phone call or video chat so that they can ask any questions or for any clarification.

my fees

I take on just one client per month, and recommend contacting me as soon as you know that you are ready to work with a writing coach. I charge $145 for manuscripts that are less than 35 pages. For manuscripts that are more than 35 pages, the fees will depend on the type of coaching and editing your manuscript requires.

how to register

As with any Escapery Adventure, to register for a customized online coaching session with myself or my fabulous colleagues (Carson Beker and Haldane King), simply CONTACT us and tell us a little bit about your writing project, what you’re looking for, and who you are interested in working with! It's that simple! Forms of payment we accept are: Venmo, Paypal, cash, or check.

Thank you so much for reading! And I am so excited to hear from you, and to read your wonderful work!

~Nancy Au


2018 Ekphrasis Field Trips with Nancy Au

When the incredible Kathryn Kruse moved to Chicago in 2017, she left us with the greatest gift in the world...notebooks full of writing and lessons that we learned in her fabulous museum workshops. We realized how much we needed and craved this gorgeous form of generative ekphrastic learning in our lives...and so we are offering classes in Ekphrasis, in the spirit and heart of what Kat started here at The Escapery. We hope that you'll join us! Click HERE to watch an awesome 15-second video made by the ultra-fabulous Carson Beker, about our Ekphrasis adventures! 

Ekphrasis: SF Museum of modern art

September 27, 2018. An ekphrasis field trip to the SF MOMA to explore the museum, use writing prompts, and generate pages and pages of new writing for our chapbooks, story and poetry collections--our theme this time...Nightmares. 

ekphrasis: oakland museum of california

April 28, 2018. An ekphrasis field trip to the Oakland Museum. This was a generative one-day workshop dedicated to nature and science lovers, poets, and short story writers. We wrote into the unique components that make up our everyday life, dismantling the scenes that we see everyday, and rebuilding them into something new! We explored J.B. Bunk's "Nature, Art & Everyday Life" exhibit, as well as the OMCA's fabulous history and science exhibits, in order to understand the ways that Life and culture is curated, catalogued, and categorized. We wrote dozens of pages using prompts and other creative exercises. 

Ekphrasis: sf museum of modern art

April 5 & 12, 2018: Ekphrasis field trips to the SF MOMA, generative one-day poetry and flash fiction bootcamps and fundraiser! THANK YOU so much, Carson Beker, Haldane King, Celeste Chan, Patricia Reynoso, Sam Walsh, Zack Hanson, and Matt Cover for making the April 12th fundraiser such an incredible night! We explored the museum, used writing prompts, worked to tighten the major themes of our chapbooks, and generated pages and pages of writing! This was a special fundraiser, sliding scale $5-20 event. All fees for the 4/12/18 class were donated to readers at Escapery's Terra Incognita and Old Devil Moon literary readings!