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Where To Submit: A favorite, constantly updated go-to resource published every other month by Entropy Magazine (founded by the inimitable Janice Lee)

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The Crow's Nest

Between Wind and Water


TERRA INCOGNITA: Literary Reading Series

Founded & curated by Haldane King

Legionnaire Saloon, Oakland

Fall 2019

The Poop Deck

Writing Experiment

"...i am thinking about us all as the fingers of a world tender with shame & famine....i think of us as the fingers of a dying body, touching & feeling, performing the last instinct to hold & flex & let go as the crash cart stops in the hallway."

~excerpt from Sung Yim's poem, "Ode to Defeat"

WRITING EXPERIMENT: Number your page from 1-10. List ten people you remember holding hands with. Circle one. Describe that moment, the clutch, the grip, the need to hang on.


The Moonraker

Moons & Madness & Celebration

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